seoul babo
dating boys. sipping soju. staying out late.
walking backstreets. sleeping on subways.
studying korean. sketching in cafes.
(mis)adventuring. ☆彡

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Off on vacation with the fam~.

Off on vacation with the fam~.

When you’re not sure if a guy is trying to flirt with you, or steal your wallet…

Sinchon’s water gun festival.
Fire trucks + club music + an appearance by Suzy? Never a dull moment.

Sinchon’s water gun festival.

Fire trucks + club music + an appearance by Suzy? Never a dull moment.

Anonymous whispered : No way :o I'm currently in the process of my visa application and it's a D-2 student visa. I'm going for a year and I was hoping to go to Japan for a few weeks during winter break. Is that not possible? I didn't know it was single entry D;

I’m pretty sure you guys can get multiple entry visas!! POMS had one, if I remember correctly, and seogyo just commented and said hers is a multiple entry as well.

Call your embassies and askkk

Anonymous whispered : What jobs are you looking to apply for and don't stop blogging whoever unfollows you because you aren't in korea are lame

(answered the job question earlier)

Thank you for the encouragement! ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ

Anonymous whispered : Are you in Korea on the D-2 (student) visa? I'm going to be studying there for 4 or 5 months, but I also wanted to have a week or so in Japan like you did with your mini-vacay to Osaka. My question is related to visas, because I thought the D-2 for Korea was only single-entry???

I was on a D-4 visa, which is for students studying at a Korean language institute. It was for 9 months, and it was only single entry, so when I left the country, it couldn’t be used again. I came back in on a 90 day tourist visa.

As far as I’ve been told, it’s possible to get a multiple entry D-2 visa. Try calling and asking your nearest Korean embassy to be sure though. I don’t have any personal experience with D-2s, so I don’t want to steer you wrong.

Or just do what I did: schedule your trip to Osaka within the last 3 months of your time in Korea, come back in on a tourist visa (which you don’t have to do anything or prepare anything for, just pass through immigration at the airport and inform them you’ll be staying less than 3 months), and leave before the 90 days are up. Voila~

Anonymous whispered : Will your boyfriend go to the states with you?

He has plans to visit me for a month, Dec - Jan.

The upside of having to wake up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning for tutoring: so many seats on the subway!

The upside of having to wake up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning for tutoring: so many seats on the subway!

take-my-seoul whispered : Sorry must have missed it when are you going back to us?

August 7th. (╯_╰)

Anonymous whispered : I'm not 100% sure but are you planning on working in Korea after you've left? I plan to become an English teacher there so are you doing something like that? Sorry if you've already answered this uvu

Yeah, I’ll go back to America, graduate next spring, and from then on, I’ll start the process of applying for jobs in Korea.

Honestly, I’d much prefer to do something in the translating/interpreting field so I could put my language skills to good use, however I think I’ll most likely end up applying for teaching positions. That way I can spend a year or two teaching and saving up money to pay off all my student loans, and then when I’m debt free (and already living in Korea, which makes the process of applying for company jobs here so much easier), I’m hoping to either attend graduate school for what I want to do, or dive straight into that kind of translation work. That’s the rough plan, at least!

Anonymous whispered : everything you just told the other anon upon touching down seoul was what me and my friends did omg. we arrived at 1am and only had breakfast so we were starving like mad, decided to not dress up proper for the crazy -3degree weather and walked out surveying the area we were staying in. im from sg and we've never been to anywhere cold so -3 is like freezing for us LMAO but it was so much fun ;;; cant wait to be back in korea again once i save up enough money!!!

It’s how I spent my first night here too! The first few days were such a crazy, confusing blur at the time, but now I’m so nostalgic for them. Korea really just feels like home to me now, which is nice of course, but there’s also something magical about going to a country for the first time and feeling like everything is strange and mystical and amazing.

Anonymous whispered : I'm always happy to see you take time to reply to everyone and reblog/post pictures of your daily life. I knows you are coming back soon but I hope you will continue to blog like Poms did ;( whatever you are in Korea or not, I still enjoy to read your blog tho I miss all your selcas and the ones with chunsa. But it's fine héhé I go to South Korea next month too for 10 months, I can't believe I will miss you so close ;--; anyway you are awesome, thank you for inspiring me ❤️

I absolutely plan on keeping this blog active while I’m in America! I’m pretty bummed at the prospect of losing a bunch of my followers when I go back, buuut I’m not going to let that discourage me. Plus I think posting about my life in America, the process of applying for jobs in Korea, Chunsa coming to visit me over winter break, etc. might still be interesting?? Maybe?? To some of you??

Oh yay, congrats on almost making it over here! I hope you have the best 10 months ever. Make ‘em count! (They go by so fast ㅜ^ㅜ)