seoul babo
dating boys. sipping soju. staying out late.
walking backstreets. sleeping on subways.
studying korean. sketching in cafes.
(mis)adventuring. ☆彡

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hey sorry im late i didnt want to come

i love how i’m an anonymous blogger but the #1 first thing i do when i find a new blog to follow is scroll through their archive for selcas

Anonymous whispered : So I'm coming to Korea in January for 6-9 months. I'm taking a year of university to learn Korean. I would be going into Level2 only, and I cant seem to decide on the program. Money is not affecting my decision, its the quality. I was thinking Yonsei KLI, but then you are saying that you have plans to study at SNU. And I can't decide. Maybe other places as well. I want a school with people at least a little bit my age(20), and I do want go have a good language program. Pleaaase helppp.

Yonsei’s program has the best reputation out of Korean language programs in Korea, because it was the first to be established and it’s by far the largest. On the flip side, SNU has a slightly more prestigious image overall, because it’s the #1 school in Korea. Tell people you go to SNU and they’ll be like WOAH.

To be honest, I don’t know enough about SNU’s Korean program to be able to give you good advice on this. Based on hearsay alone, I think SNU has more work than Yonsei on a day-to-day basis, with consistent quizzes/labs/projects/whatever that you have to routinely prepare for, whereas Yonsei is more big chunks of work here and there with not much else in between. Otherwise???

Honestly they’re both elite schools, and I’m sure you’ll learn loads at either one. Check the Seoul National University tag and see what people are saying about the Korean classes.

my need for spicy food in this country is so very very real. i’ve taken to putting hot sauce or jalapenos or sriracha on just about everything lately.

where is my super spicy ddeokbokki that could burn the eyebrows clear off my face?? the buldalk that had me breathing fire?? the jjambbong that baptized my eyes with tears??

spicy gochu love babies, i miss you badㅜㅜ

fixing my make-up before starting on homework like: i might be dumb, but at least i’m pretty


the four horsemen of the apocalypse


the four horsemen of the apocalypse

"For the lost expat children of Korea, Hongdae is their playground. Nestled above the river that divides central Seoul, it is a mecca of fools, drunks, and vagabonds – flighty young twenty-somethings burning hot with misplaced ambition and the rice alcohol steeping in their guts. It’s a trendy borough where the streets overflow with a thick haze of cigarette smoke and the warbled deluge of EDM sound waves. Pass by any club in the street, and you’ll feel your brain rattling against your skull in time with the bass."
- I’m writing a piece on expats in Korea for my nonfiction workshop. c:
Anonymous whispered : Hey! I've been following u for a long time and I still read your blog almost every day waiting for updates ;P What about that plan of yours to die your hair?! Did u do it? :) if yesss can we see?

Not yet! I mentioned that my back-to-school haircut turned out awkwardly short, right? (Well, short for me, at least — my hair is usually to the bottom of my ribs, and now it’s up to the top of my bra… sobz) So I’m waiting for it to grow at least another inch before I dye it. (Because I feel like the bleach is gonna fry it and it’s gonna take longer to grow out after…)

Maybe just in time for Halloween?? That sounds like a good excuse to break out the lavender hair dye. ✌.ʕʘ‿ʘʔ.✌

someday i’m gonna write a book titled “how to stop procrastinating”

and inside it’s gonna be just 150 blank pages