seoul babo
dating boys. sipping soju. staying out late.
walking backstreets. sleeping on subways.
studying korean. sketching in cafes.
(mis)adventuring. ☆彡

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deerest-emmie whispered : Oh my gosh where can I get an anklet like that?

My older brother made them for our family when he was at summer camp one year. Out of all our family members, I’m the only one who still has it on. @.@ My mom and brother’s fell off like 11 or 12 years ago wth.

I think they have kits to make your own? Or maybe eBay or Amazon or something? I don’t know, sorry! u~u;;

Anonymous whispered : Hi! Do you have a tattoo? In the reflexion I see your leg with something that looks like leg bracelet or tattoo :P

It’s an anklet. I’ve had it on for nearly 14 years now without ever taking it off.

It’s one of those ones where you put it on, make a wish, burn the ends together, and then when it naturally falls off over time, your wish is supposed to come true. Except mine just will. not. fall. off. And I’m 98% sure I wished for a farm full of ponies (I was 8) and I’m not even sure I want that wish to come true anymore ahaha.

Road tripping. Only 5.5 hours left for the day.

Road tripping. Only 5.5 hours left for the day.

Anonymous whispered : Did you live in a dorm when you loved in Korea studying Korean?

Nah, I had my own one room apartment off campus.

Anonymous whispered : Doesn't it get boring return to the Same over again? Why not try going different countries you haven't been to?

I get what you mean, and sometimes I do have that thought, but I have an amazing life waiting for me back in Seoul and it’s kind of hard to just let that go, you know? I have some of my best friends there, I have the transportation system down, I have my favorite spots and shops, I know the language, there are career opportunities for me there… It’s like a pre-assembled epic life in a foreign country, just waiting for me to reclaim it.

If I go to a new country, I won’t have any friends, I won’t know how to get around, or order in a restaurant, or how to find a decent apartment… Since I haven’t even visited before, I’d be going in totally blind. And there’s something thrilling about the prospect, yeah, but there’s no guarantee whatsoever that I’d be happy with my life there. So to me, the best option seems to be: live a comfy, happy life in Korea, and spend my money traveling to as many different countries as I can, with Seoul as my home base to come back to.

But yes, sometimes I do seriously think about spending a year in a country other than Korea, chase adventure and all that, but I think that can only happen if I learn the language first — at least enough to hold a basic conversation. I really don’t think I could ever live in another country without being able to speak the language.

First lines: “Congratulations! This is the year you will leave your legacy!”

Me as I’m reading it: in bed, still wearing pajamas at 2PM, playing the Kim Kardashian game on my phone.

…watch out world.

Anonymous whispered : Do you consider yourself a nerd?


Well my family certainly does. Personally, I don’t think I’m studious enough to be a nerd? I’m kind of a slacker when it comes to studying… But at the same time I do consider myself intelligent and I enjoy learning and I have a bit of an obsessive personality when it comes to researching certain things so??

This is honestly the first time I’ve ever been asked this. Congrats, anon.

Tomorrow I’m waking up at 6AM and my mom and I are driving 7 hours to go visit my grandmother, and the day after starts my 2 day road trip back to school.

I’m not ready to give up my comfy bed yet. D,:
I’m even less ready for classes to start next week.


- it means no memories, for the rest of the night  (via suchvodka)

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Anonymous whispered : How did you learn Korean?

2 years of Korean classes at my American university. 1 semester at Sogang KLEC. 3 semesters at Yonsei KLI.

Anonymous whispered : Did you date anyone in Korea before Chunsa?

Yep, lots of people. No previous boyfriends, but I used to go on a lot of dates. And I wrote about some of them on here too~. (Spoiler: they were all jerks.)

Anonymous whispered : did you already get your associates? and just moving on to get your B.A?

I’m just getting my B.A.

Anonymous whispered : i often whine because universities where i live are shit and if you want to get a really good education you have to go abroad but at least we are not crushed by debt like ???? how do you do this i don't understand.. america is weird

Truth. And the thing is, I didn’t even know it was weird until I started talking to my friends from different countries and they were like, “Oh yeah the government pays for my school and if I need to take out a loan there’s no interest and I can just pay it back whenever” blah blah and I was just like…

…come again

Wth, America