seoul babo
dating boys. sipping soju. staying out late.
walking backstreets. sleeping on subways.
studying korean. sketching in cafes.
(mis)adventuring. ☆彡

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300 days with Chunsa (≧◡≦)

We’re 7,000 miles apart (╥﹏╥)

I checked my tagged posts of him, and just three weeks shy of one full year of no communication whatsoever, Key suddenly decidedly to contact me


(。-ω-) 2014.09.01 tokyodon’t remove this text.
(。-ω-) 2014.09.01 tokyo
don’t remove this text.




gangnaminpinkfollows replied to your post:Ooooooh what documentary are you watching?

Ooh! Watch Samsara~ That’s my favorite documentary. It’s a gorgeous portrait of the world :)

Thanks, I’ll check it out next! All night documentary marathon whooooo~~

Anonymous whispered : Ooooooh what documentary are you watching?

I finished Blackfish earlier, about the orcas at Seaworld.

Now I’m watching The Invisible War about rape in the U.S. military.

I would definitely recommend both.

Anonymous whispered : is your roommate a dirty hoe?

She’s on the messier side, if that’s what you mean.

If you’re talking about hook ups, no, she’s not a “dirty hoe” because we don’t slut shame on this blog.

It’s a documentary and warm cider kind of night oh yes~ (▰˘◡˘▰)

Anonymous whispered : Omgggg you like urban street stuff too~! 😭😭😭 where have you been all my life babo?! haha

waiting for you~~ (• ε •)

Anonymous whispered : where did you get your theme? :D

there’s a link at the bottom of my sidebar if you click “theme”

Anonymous whispered : Go, Babo, go! You can do it! You're an inspiration to the rest of us. Well, to me at least! :)

Well shucks, Anon. ❤ 

Although I don’t know that you should be looking up to me tbh like I write essays the night before and social gatherings make me physically nervous and in the three weeks I’ve been at college I’ve eaten breakfast exactly 2 times sooo

Anonymous whispered : Did you have a hard time adjusting to all the damn walking you do in seoul?! I am dying. I have three huge, painful blisters and its only been a few days. All the stairs. And somehow everyone looks perfect while I sweat like a hog.

Ok I feel you SO HARD on the everyone looking perfect while you feel like a monster from the lagoon bit. Summer in Korea makes me feel like a disgusting human I swearrr.

You gotta invest in some comfortable shoes! My feet would get blistered and cut up whenever I tried to wear sandals or cute open toed shoes, so I just gave up and wore ballet flats and converse and ankle boots all the time instead. FASHIOn.

Anonymous whispered : i'm bored too so i'm going to share!! (I should study philosophy but shhh) my boss still haven't told me if she needs help at the restaurant and if she doesn't i'm going shopping with my friends and we'll probably end up eating take away in the car to forget school has started. what i nice saturday ahahah I hope you'll have a good weekend!

Aw, that sounds so fun! Shopping and driving and friends and food~~ My kind of weekend. *3*

I hope it all works out and you have an awesome Saturday to help you forget the pain of school ahaha (i feel u)

Four more hours till this icky week is over. Fouuuuurrrr moooooreeee.

Do you guys have any fun plans for the weekend? Or just anything in general you wanna ask/share? :,D I’m stuck at work and bored as fuq;;