seoul babo
dating boys. sipping soju. staying out late.
walking backstreets. sleeping on subways.
studying korean. sketching in cafes.
(mis)adventuring. ☆彡

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놀자 고양아 — Playcat, Idae

A lovey little cat cafe nestled near the front gate of Ewha Womans University. The cats here are amongst the friendliest I’ve seen, and rushed up to greet us as soon as we walked through the doors. Every time I sat down, a cat managed to find its way into my lap and start purring away~.

After chatting with the owner, I was sad to find out that the cafe is actually closing next month. (;-;) The resident kitties are all in need of loving homes, so if there’s one that catches your eye, the owner says he’ll be adopting them out for free. Consider giving one of these beauties a home, or at least stopping by to get a dose of feline affection before it disappears! 7,000원 on weekdays, 8,000원 on weekends (+beverage.)