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Nature Republic’s Super Aqua Max Moisture Watery Cream 

What a mouthful. But nevertheless, my favorite beauty product of the month!

I like putting lotion on my face twice a day — once before bed, and once in the morning when I wake up — so I’m always on the hunt for a nice moisture cream, and this little guy is the best I’ve found so far.

It comes in 3 colors: pink (for dry skin), blue (for oily skin) and green (for combination skin). After trying out samples of all three, I went green. The pink seemed to have somewhat of a brightening 반짝 effect to it, which I personally don’t like for my face. And the blue had a slightly more gel-like consistency to it than the others, which, again, not a big fan of. The green, however, was just right!

The first time I tried it, I figured it was just the same as any other moisture cream I’d been using, but after a couple of days of consistent use, I woke up this morning to baby soft, supple, moist skin and now I’m completely sold. It has a light, clean fragrance to it, and while putting it on, it just feels like you’re doing something good for your face.

It advertises itself as a “watery cream”, so it’s not too thick and doesn’t need much time at all to absorb into your skin. Perfect for putting on before your make-up, because it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any heavy residue on your face~.

But my FAVORITE part is, unlike most moisture creams I’ve found here, you get a really solid amount of product for your money. Most creams I’ve tried use the art of illusion to screw you over — big tubs with shallow bottoms, and literally half the amount of product you think you’re getting. But with this guy, no such thing. A frugal girl’s best friend!

Nature Republic was having a 50% sale all this week, so after picking up the first tub on a whim, I ran back today and bought another to stow away for later~. (10,950원 on sale, which is a steal in my opinion.)

My boyfriend is a big fan as well, and steals a swipe every time he’s over. It’sjustthatgood.